Monday, April 27, 2009

Good things will come your way.. when you stop searching!

Remember one of the scene in Gossip Girl when Serena was wearing a fabulous gold Sequin dress? Or what SJP wore to the Unicef Ambassador N.Y.C. charity event?

I loved that dress from the moment I saw it. Sadly those kind of dress is quite expensive since it needs a careful handling and handmade!

Yesterday me and my mom went to the mall for some chit-chat lunch and to buy some groceries for dinner. After lunch my mom and I went in to department store because there were a big 50% off sign all over (Yes, this fulfilled the men saying "women cannot resist the temptation of a billboard sale"). I wasn't looking forward for shopping because this year I intended to save all my money to go traveling, but window shopping wouldn't hurt, right?

As I went walking aisle by aisle, I found that great sequin mini dress that I've been longing for for months! I checked the price, and to my surprise I found a great bargain for a designer dress!

Yes yes yes, it was a blue sequin mini dress with colour just almost exactly the same as SJP's (only a bit lighter) with model like below.

The price is down from IDR1,300,000 (USD 120) to only IDR 199,700 (USD 18).
85% discount baybehhh!!!

Smile is all over my silly face :)

Image: Serena's, SJP's, Sequin dress

Suddenly reminded by sequin dress by Thierry Mugler worn by Beyonce.

Ouch, Fashion disaster. eeekkk~

Image: Beyonce's disaster dress

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things I want to do before 25

"I decide to make this the most exciting and happiest year of my life"

In May I will turn 24, therefore I need to make a list of things I want to do before I reach mid-twenties. I always think after 25 I should be more responsible in life especially about my job. Therefore this year I promised my self to have fun, go mad, and living life to the fullest ;)

Here are the list:
  1. Bungee Jumping
  2. Traveling abroad with friends (I plan to go to Korea with my girl-friends this year)
  3. Go to Bangka-Belitung's white sandy beach
  4. Go to Thailand's famous beach
  5. Join WWF/Unicef or any other social organisations
  6. Have beagle puppies (I need to find a stud for my queen beagle!)

PS. I always want to go to New York City and Dubai, but I think those things can wait ^_-

Image: Play-Laugh-Sing-Dance

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I miss you

I used to be able to see you every week.
I came to see you when-ever I felt lonely.
You were always there along with celebration and joy.
Sometimes when I'm in bad mood I didn't even notice you.
I walk passed you like you weren't even there.
Now that I can't see you anymore I just realized how precious you are.
It's funny how I never appreciate you this much until you are gone.
I missed you every single day.

o matter where I go, I'll remember you.
Because I left a piece of my heart in yours.

I miss you my dearest city...

Melbourne, 2008 - Art Center
Places where concerts, opera, musical theater are held (up)
Street artist performance - Woman dolly doll (down)

Angel VS Demon on Louis

Angel: "You don't need another bag, Mel"

Demon: "Check out the new colour, new collection for spring!"

Angel: "It is too expensive. Remember you want to save for holiday?"

Demon: "You can use it with your new jeans. Totally a head spinner"

Angel: "C'mon, just go find something less expensive. You should save, Mel. You are not little girl anymore"

Demon: "You never had anything this fabulous before. Look at your old bags, they are either free from a gift or you have used it for.. how many years? forever! I think this one will never go out of style. Besides, you love the blue shiny colour. Eyes on you, babe! The girls will green with envy. The guys will stunned with your style and beauty. The money will be well spent. Trust me."

That is why,

Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma Blue is Mine!
So happy
sya la la la.. la la..

Source: LV Vernis

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