Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Niu" Year Superstition

Does any of you believe in superstition? well, my family surely do.

January 26, 2009 is the Chinese New Year which also is the start of the year of the ox - the "niu" year. I was also born in the year of the ox 25 years ago. My auntie said if the new year is the same as the year of your born sign, that year you will have a bad luck ("chiong"). So to avoid bad things that will happen, people with the ox sign this year should release fishes in to a river. The amount of fishes that should be release should be the same as your age. So if this year I turn 25, I have to release 25 fishes in to the river.

(Note : Chinese age start when we were conceived. So regarding to chinese years we are one year older.

In Indonesia we use "ikan pletis" as the type of the fish that is released. It is quite cheap, only IDR 10,000 for 25 fishes.)

Apparently it's not only the amount of fishes that matter. The timing of the release is also important. It has to be release at before 5 am or between 7 to 9 am.

Do not ask me where did they know all of these because I don't know it either. And I won't be bother to ask them because I am sure they don't understand it too -_- I am sure they will say it is a tradition that has been inherited from ancient chinese. Definitely not satisfying at all.

So today, at 4.30 in the early morning where even the cocks are still soundly asleep, I went out with my 25 little happy fishes. I drove my car to the nearby river. *Ouch it was raining!* I parked near the brige and walk to the top of the bridge. There was no other way to release the fishes because the river banks are filled with bushes, so I have to throw them from the top. I hope they are OK. Anyway fishes don't have heart, do they? so they will not feel the pain of the bungy jump?

We Chinese are very superstitious. We believe in yin and yang. We believe in animal and symbols. We believe in fengshui. Whether its right or not, surely they are scientifically incorrect. So, for those of you who were born in the year of ox and didn't go to release fishes this morning, do not be worry. Chances are that it might be just a superstition anyway.

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year, Everyone! :)

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