Monday, November 27, 2006

Designer Handbag: buy or steal?

I went to Senayan City last Saturday with my friends, Fabri and Wiko. My impression? I wouldn’t call Senayan City as a mall or a shopping center; I’d call it a designer showcase!

We circled around the showcase and took this picture on your right. The picture was taken in Debenhams dept. store. Notice the 3 madams on the left, and the 4 sales assistants on the right. I guess the madams can no longer handle their shopping bag, so they need another 4 people to carry them. It good to be rich isn’t it. My friend said the situation remind her of “Pretty Woman” movie. Gosh, I wonder what their husbands do for a living…

Then we went to Gucci, since Fab want to see the Gucci 85th anniversary bags. I must admit it was beautiful. It really is a piece of art.

From all things in fashion, I love bags the most. But would I buy those designers bag right now? Definitely No. Why? Read on

Nowadays, woman handbag is a very important piece of fashion accessory. Top designers around the globe compete to make the most beautiful / fashionable / expensive handbags. Some of the lists include: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and many more. The price? It will definitely max your credit card to the limit. It ranges from hundreds of dollars to several thousand each!

One of the examples is a Birkin Bags from Hermes (picture on the right), which start at around $6000, while the most expensive version is made of crocodile with solid gold closures studded with diamonds, tops $85,000!!!!

What is it that makes the designer handbag so special? Some people rather stop eating for months to be able to purchase those bags. Is it a fashion statement? Or is it merely a status symbol? A friend of mine even say it is an investment (?!?!)

I could never understand how a bag can become an investment. If you want to invest, why don’t you just buy a diamond or gold? I think it is mostly a status symbol. A person will feel proud wearing them, even if sometimes they cannot tell the difference between the genuine and the fake ones.

For the case of young girls wearing designer bags, I personally think it just don’t suit them. I will not feel proud wearing $2000 bags knowing it comes from my parent’s account. If I work hard and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars salary, then I will purchase my very first Gucci bag. Even though I’d rather save it to go to Paris or to the Bahamas. ^_-

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dial - up nightmare

After only 2 days holiday after exam finished, I’m back in Indonesia now. As I imagined, the nightmare of not having Internet come true.

· First of all, I can’t connect my old PC keyboard to my Mac Mini since the plug is not compatible.

· I can’t use MSN messenger since the updated version need Internet explorer 6.0 while mine is still 5.0.

· Officially, it will take me 1 hour to download the messenger and another 2 hours for IE 6.0

· The sad bit is that the Internet connection cannot keep up running for more than 1 hour. It keep disconnecting and I have to keep reconnect it. Imagine how many hours for me to download the update?!

· Mean while when it finally connected, I can’t browse anywhere else since the connection speed is too low to support download and browse (dial up max-45 kbps).

· I have no speaker for my computer. So I have to listen songs from my Mini, which is horrible. I can’t connect it to the home theater since, again, I don’t have the converter for the plug.

· Next. My laptop’s motherboard is broken and I will need IDR 3,000,000 to fix it.

The up side is that I can ask for a new set of PC. I think I’d rather spend it on a new PC than to fix the laptop. But who knows, my dad said we don’t need a fancy computer since he only use it for the Microsoft office and browsing (rarely happen). If that so, at least I have to get a new keyboard that is compatible for Mac and PC. Or else I'll be really really miserable =(

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Exam, Home, and Shopping

Hey wassupp guys...
How is everybody going??
Well, to be honest, I dun really have anything to write about.
My life has been plain boring.

I just finished my exam yesterday and going back home soon. Not really excited about going home. Reasons are:
- I'm gonna miss my new computer with 19" LCD + TV tunner.
- I'm gonna miss the speed of the internet connection, playing online games, downloading movie and songs.
- I'm gonna miss shoppink with my besties (although at home another besties waiting).
- I'm gonna miss hanging out in the city till dawn, having a zip of cocktails while gossiping about the cute waiter who seems to be (sadly) gay.

ARgh.. really2 not excited bout home.

And yet I'm gonna have to work full time for the sake of completing the study requirement (3 months internship program to be able to graduate)


Anyway, last few days before going home I've been shoppink a LoT!
Went to Bridge Road yesterday, the shopping paradise, where all the factory outlet from a big known store such as ESPRIT, GASP, NINE WEST, PILGRIM, JEANS WEST, etc etc...

I found this cute necklace from SEDUCE.

Cute ponny... LOVe iT!!

I bought a new bag from MIMCO, which is reversible made from polyester. What a bargain bcos the original price is $69.95 and I bought it for only $24.95 ^_^

Bought a couple of tops from MNG and PILGRIM *both 50% discount too of course!!*

And today, I am going to continue my shopping spree at Chadstone, the FashiOn CapiTaL ^_*

Excited! Can't wait to see what I'll bring home today =D

Quote of the day:
"Man, Coffee, Chocolate, The RICH the BETTER"

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