Friday, February 23, 2007

All for Love

Love story time…

Story number 1

I have this friend; lets call him “A”. He recently told me that he is in deeply in love with my girl friend “B”. A and B are childhood friends, but then lost contact for years until 2 years ago they accidentally met. A has been in love with her since they were on elementary school. So when they met for the second time, the love blossoms in his heart once again. However, the down side is, B already has a boyfriend. So A ask me to help him get closer to B even though he knows that he will never win her heart. “I will love her in silence,” he once said to me. “As long as she is happy, I would be fine”… Tragic…?

Story number 2

Another friend of mine just got dumped by his boyfriend. This is what he said to her, “Babe, I’m sorry. We had our differences, and I just don’t love you no more”. I know they had differences in cultural and religion matter. Those things are very fundamental aspect in a serious relationship. They have tried to work it out for a year, but I guess it turned out not well for them. They, or should I say HE, has given up on love. And by saying that he doesn’t love her no more is even worsen the situation.

Just a message for you, who’s broken hearted,

Never regret something that once made you smile

I know it’s easier to say than done, but I’ve been holding to those quote this last couple of years, and it works for me.

One more quote I want to share with you,

No man/woman is worth your tears and the only one who is, will never makes you cry

So people *(khususnya buat kamu yang mau gantung diri di pohon toge), Cheer up my friend! Love will find you without you even realize it.

And for those who is in love, just remember this:
In life there are very rare chances that you’ll meet the person you love and loves you in return. So once you have it don’t ever let it go, the chance might never come your way again.

*Translated as: Especially for you who want to hang yourself on a beansprout branch

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