Saturday, November 17, 2007

Design Celebration

I did it!

The final thing to do with the Design Project. Final poster and Presentation. Lucky for my group Adam did all that. All I have to do is just stand there, and do nothing.. ha-ha!

Yesterday was the last time we, chem-engers together. So I asked them to write on my doggy doll. Like what people usually did in highschool - except I didn't get to do that. Wonder why... graduation in my highschool was so plain boring-- eekkk...

so here's the photos of the doll before and after HAZOPed!!!

Without forgetting to showing off my team 'lovely-pastel-coloured' poster =)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am so damn tired of this!

It's not like I didn't study at all! It's the freakin fuckin questions that is so fuckin tough! I'm sure I'm not the only one who fucked up that exam. What is wrong with that bald, ugly-faced, meanie lecturer????? "Do the tutorial questions and you'll be fine guys"-yeah right I'm NOT FINE. Why can't he be nice for ONCE!!!!! This is fuckin last semester. And the subject he teach is freakin ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING. NOT fucking design!!!!!!!!!!! It supposed to be theory with the little tiny bits of simple calculation. Why the HELL did he gave fucking design question?????? Since when does environmental engineering equals to fucking design????????

Fuck this!

I just want to pass engineering. Why you make it seems impossible?? Freakin MEAN lecturer!

Fuck fuck fuck!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Golden Gaytime

Ice cream named "Golden Gaytime".
It even come in a meal along with pizza.

One way to market a product: add GAY-word on it
(what is that supposed to mean?)

Monday, November 05, 2007

A fight inside me

Why can't we choose whom to love?
My heart doesn’t obey my brain
Silly, that it is confusing
Silly, that it hurts

Hoping the brain win the battle
they resolve it in a peaceful way

~Lets wait~

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spice Girls – Now Return

I really should be studying Biochem for tomorrow exam instead of this *sigh*

Bored of the lecture notes, I decided to review the Spice Girls new album titled Now Return.

What I heard was that this is going to be their last album (Seriously last this time!) and also to say goodbye to their fans.
I must say that I am a bit disappointed to this new release. I'm expected not just good, but great songs like their old ones: Wannabe, 2 become 1, Mama, etc. What I get from this album is lame lame and lame. In some songs they are even sounds like they are drunk. Listen to track 5: Space Invaders. What song is that?! They were talking or having girls talk which totally NOT important. Even the Christmas songs are ridiculously bad. The only songs I actually like are track 9: Step To Me and track 8: Aint No Stopping Us Now. And that is because they sing it in duet!

Geez girls, sure you can do better that that.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Secrets? I have a lot? Really?? I don't even realize them… at least not until this convo yesterday night with a best friend.

MeL: Ugh, I really2 want to go back to the start of the semester

Wixwax: for what?

MeL: Lots of things I wanna do over.. Including my holly thesis.. =P

Wixwax: Really? what else? Seems interesting…

MeL: too many to be mention here. Too complicated as well. Hahahaha

MeL: this year is such a roller-coaster for me

Wixwax: Really? Up and down?

MeL: yup. Not just thesis tho.. lots of things

Wixwax: such as?

MeL: secret!

Wixwax: u seems to have lots of secret lately

MeL: really? When??? About what?

Wixwax: umm…

Wixwax: the one I asked u bout ur personal msg. about.. why did u jump??

MeL: why the hell did I jump? Hahahahahaa.

MeL: oh btw.. now I know the answer, and I would jump again if I can turn back time.

MeL: hahahaha… Not explaining ya :P

Wixwax: haha

Wixwax: if u wanna keep that as a secret that's fine. I won't ask further more…

MeL: haha. Thx babe ;)

Well, I guess I have a thing or two I wanna do over this year. Not really a secret, but a bit embarrassing to tell. Another "if only" for me…

Bla bla

Looking at my friend's blog, I realized how plain boring my blog is.

Guess I'm not such a writer after all


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