Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let's go skiing

Friend : Ski yukkkk
Me : Mauuuuuuu
Friend : ke Falls Creek aja. Denger2 saljunya lebih tebel
Me : Tapi 5 hours drive loh. Kuat???
Friend : Hmm… iya juga ya. Kalo nginep?
Me : siap keluarin $500 looh. Soalnya lagi high season.
Friend : 500 buckssss? Buat semalem doank? Duh lagi bokek gw.
Me : ke Buller aja yuk!!!
Friend : eh Buller ada dealnya tuh. $150 udah semua sama transport.
Me : Really?? Let’s go!

Mount Buller. For only 3 hours drive from Melbourne, VIC, is the most favourite winter holiday destination. Compare to other ski mountain around VIC, Mt. Buller has the least snow, yet is the most popular for ski beginners. It has various ski tracks, resorts, and restaurants. You definetely won’t get bored no matter if it is only one day or spending a long weekend in the snow.

This is my second time going to a snow trip. My first trip was to Falls Creek on early September 2005. For me personally, I like Mt. Buller better since it has a lot more shops and restaurants!

I love skiing. It is a lot of fun! But, before you go skiing, here are some “guidelines” which (hopefully) can help you spend a fun time in the snow,

  1. Wear a sensible clothing

Waterproof jacket and pants is a must! If you don’t have one, there are some available you can rent along with you ski gear. However, wear a thick jacket because you gonna have to walk from the parking lot to the rental which is quite far. Don’t even think of wearing an open toe shoes or sandals even if you know you will rent a ski boot.

  1. Accessorize!

Not only for you looks good in picture, accessories are an important item to keep you warm. A hat / beannie are very important. A research says that 30% of your body heat is released from your head. So wear a hat to keep your head and ear warm. Gloves are important too to protect you from scratches if you fall and to be able to make a snowman! Add scarf and googles if you want.

  1. Eat breakfast before you leave

When you get there, trust me, you won’t be thinking about food at all. Your thoughts will be about ski ski and playing with the snow. People tend to skip lunch because they forget about time. And since they are busy playing around, they don’t feel hungry. Its fine at first, but after a day playing sport, your body will crave carbs and can ruin your stomach. So, eat up before you go!

  1. Choose your gear accordingly

There are 2 choices available: ski and snowboards. People said that snowboard is easier if you know how to ski. I personally never try snowboard, but I recommend you to ski if you are a first-timer.

  1. Ski lesson for a first-timer

Yes, you have to pay more to get a lesson. But trust me, it is worthed! It usually took about 1-2 hours. They will teach you how to get on your ski, how to walk on it, and the most important is how to stop. It is definetelly not an easy thing to do, but as time goes by, you will learn how to break without falling =)

  1. Don’t even think that ski is easy, and follow more experienced people to go down on a steep track. You may know how to break now, but training is usually done in less steep track, while the real track is steeper (even for the easier level). So remember, it’s not only dangerous for you, it is a danger for other people too. Have a save ski is important! We want to go back to the city in one piece, aren’t we?

  1. Fall on your butt

I know we cannot think when we fall. But at least try to fall on your bottom instead of to your knees. Knees are more fragile and your hand will injure more if you fall to your front since you carry all your weight on them. Bottom is saver and it also easier for you to get up.

That is all I can think of right now. From my personal experience, my very first step on the snow on a ski is definetelly scary. I can not perform break at all, even after one hour lesson. But in this second time trip, it is getting far easier. I finally know how to slow down and how to avoid falling over. So don’t worry too much if you cannot ski after your first time on the snow. Your second time is definetelly easier. I cannot wait to get my third time! Let’s skiiiii…

How much is it cost?

For high season (July – Sept):

· Ski package (include: transportation by coach, ski enterance, ski/snowboard hire, lift, and 2 hours ski lesson) à $149

· Clothing rental (include ski jacket and pants only) à $27

· Foods are mostly expensive. Noodle box at around $15-20 per person.

· Water bottle $4 (retail price in the city is $2.10)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cuap - cuap seorang Nobody

"Aku bukan orang yang lemah
Kalau aku lemah, sudah bersembunyi aku di dasar lembah.
Namun aku orang yang kuat
Dengan dagu tercuat, menggenggam kejujuran erat - erat.
Tapi kalau cuma menjadi hantu, maka akupun tak tahu"
(Supernova - Kesatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh)

I open my old scratch book and found the quote. I always love quotation. Whenever I read books/articles (and sometimes movies) and love the phrase, I go to my scratch book and write it down. This is just one of many.

I think this quote is really "Me" right now.
I feel like I am strong inside. But it all do not matter.
I feel like I'm no-one. Nobody recognize me.
What am I to the world?
and if I was never born, what effect do I make? (apart for my Mom and Dad)
I'm not Paris Hilton, Lady Diana or Mother Teressa.
Who am I? I don't even know.

Years and years I've studied Physics and Chemistry.
But until now I don't even know why the sky is blue.
Why ocean is dark blue, while shallow water is green.
One day my Dad asked me when we stop at petrol station, "Why is some petrol works better than the other? How does it work?"
Guess what... I DON'T KNOW!
Down down down... that really get me down.

On Thursday last week, I decided to do some volunteer work for Melbourne City Mission.
What I did is basically stand to introduce and promote the organization. I have to wear a Pjamas at train station during the rush hours.
So, I got up at 5.30 am in the morning, quickly showered, and rushed to the city.
The sun was still on the other side of the globe. It was dark.
I reached city at 6.55 am. I was late for 5 minutes for my meeting.
On that day, I really felt great for myself. Not because people recognize me for what I did. Not because I can answer the toughest yet simple question my Dad asked about science.
And for the first time of my life, I felt great not because I get good grades, money, or 1 kg less of my weight.
For the first time, I know I have a hero inside me.
Knowing I can help someone and make their life a little better.
It was fun too. I received a lot of smile from strangers (some even giggled at me, but who cares rite?!).
And saying "How are you?" and "Have a nice day" to a total stranger is not bad after all. =)

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