Saturday, December 15, 2007

All I want for Christmas is...

Cocktail Dress!!!!!!

Summer is here. There is no White Christmas. So I can wear a simple short dresses to Christmas party. Wohooo! So write it down on my wish list... Dress dress and dress.

Lace and Charmeuse Tiered Dress by Faviana

Phillip Lim Waterfall Cocktail Dress

Marc Jacobs Satin Sleeveless Dress

Iodice - Lillian One - Shoulder Mini Dress

-All images are taken from

Christian Lacroix - what a divine

I want these shoes!
Christian Lacroix Crystal Wedges with genuine crystals on a 4 inch high wedge heel and a satin bow on the ankle strap is a truly divine. It is sold out at and the price is US$1,600.00 (crazy ehh?!)

Santa, could you bring me this shoes as my xmas gift? I promise I'll be nice the whole year ^^

Oh if that isn't too much, I want this one too *grin*. Price is US$695.00 

Christian Lacroix Printed Signature Silk Sandal with Bow

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Farewell

A farewell party was held a day before International student graduation ceremony on 13-12-07. We, chemical engineering girls graduate met on Pancake Parlour, Chadstone to say goodbye to the internationals who will fly back to their home country next week. We sure will miss you all. Wondering when will we meet again. It was a great 4 years knowing you girls - thru the ups and down, assignments, and exams (not forgetting the parties).

You are now officially an engineers.. Hip-hip-huraa!!!

While I'm still waiting for my ceremony (hopefully) with the locals in May next year ^_^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Delicious Day Out

Went to strawberry and cherry farm the other day. It was awesome! For paying only AU$8.00 can get access to the farm and pick half a kilo of strawberry. As for cherry, the price is AU$5.00 and AU$8/kg cherries picked.

The strawberries are sweet as sugar. Although the bigger ones are not allowed to be picked =( However I'm happy. It probably the sweetest strawberry I've ever tried. Definitely a place to go to :)

where? Located at Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, AU.
Have to use private transportation since it is not reachable by public transport. However there are lots of day tour packages available from the Melbourne city. The journey is approximately 2 hours from the CBD.

P.S. Strawberry season is from November - April, while Cherries are available from December to January only. More information is available here

Friday, December 07, 2007

Art of Graffiti

The Art of Graffiti from Melbourne street artists.

Location: Flinders Lane, Melbourne, AU

Pic 1. The garbage bin corner. Little corner of street art.

Pic 2. Blue creature on a cup of coffee

Pic 3. Peeck-a-boo man

Pic 4. Safety umbrella-ella-ella (My favourite!)

Pic 5. Red haired beauty

Pic 6. The cat-meaaww

Pic 7. Samesame the pink-nosed raindeer

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Silent night

My housemates have gone for work and will be back in 3 days.
My mom who usually calls, today didn't.
My chatterbox girl-friend who usually very chatty, today didn't.
My boy-friend who usually bugs me, today didn't.

So today I filled my day with VOGUE, some few cherries, and lots of Project Runway.

Suddenly miss my high school girlfriends 

"The Capsa Queens".

 Wondering the time when the four of us will meet up again.

Their locations at the end of year 2007 are:

Yulichia : Vancouver, Canada

Felicia a.k.a Amoy : Jakarta, INA

Dewi : Perth, AU

Myself : Melbourne, AU

Hopefully at the end of year 2008 we could celebrate New Year's Eve together, as we planned.

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