Friday, October 13, 2006

The Art of Photography

I recently found an interest in photography.
Pictures were taken from Tulip Festival in Melbourne, AU
All were editted using iPhoto

Buzy buzy butterfly

Pink is a new black

Give some yellow

Windows Sucks

Geez.. it has been a while since i updated my blog.

Reason? Blame the GUNBOUND online game and those Asian drama series o_O

Anyway, The news is I hate windows!
I have to format my windows twice in a week! Thanks to bugs and freakin' pop ups. Lucky i'm using MacMini so I have no trouble doing my works. I bought Mac Mini for reason that it is compact and easy to carry around compare to desktop PC. It also has longer lifetime compared to laptops (laptops only last for around 3 years if you a heavy user, or even less). So I don't actually prefer MAC than Windows in the first place. But now, I think I started to fall in love with Mac. It's virus-free and also NO POP UPs. I found this interesting website called Microsuck I think I am one of the follower now.

Windows is one of the BIGGEST SCAM.
Goo MaCkie!

The bug I mention above turns all the fonts in my desktop appearance into tiny-very little-size 2 fonts. I can't hardly read anything ~_~ I have searched the internet but cannot find anything about this matter. If someone ever encountered the same problem, could you please tell my why and how to overcome it...

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