Monday, January 29, 2007

Alone at night

Jakarta, 28th January 2007

I’m sitting here, all alone in my little corner
Waiting for the sun to shine and the night to be over
Thinking about how great today went
And how boring the next 5 days going to be
I waited for someone to call
While wondering who miss-called me 3 times this afternoon
(It was a guy, but I don’t know him. Could it be my secret admirer? =P)
But nobody called
The clock keeps ticking...
It’s dawn
I feel so alone
Suddenly a lizard crossed by and surprised me
Guess I surprised it too
It ran away and left me still in shocked
Suddenly I laughed
Laughed so hard to my silly thought
Guess what?! I guess I can never be alone in this world
There was the lizard saying “hello” to me during my lonely night
There was an old lady gave me a lift home when I waited 1 hour for a bus
Even, There was my mother smiled at me the second I was born

So tonight, for all the small things and the biggest things He has done for me
I’ll say a little prayer

Dear God,
Thanks for making the world so crowded
So I will never be alone
Thanks for the archangel who always protects me
I know I cannot see it, but I can very much feel it protecting me
And I realized that You will never leave me alone in this world
Thanks for being with me in every steps of my life.

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