Monday, March 30, 2009

Love and Marriage in question

The story began with a boy and a girl met in highschool. The boy fell in love. The girl fell in love. They decided to have a relationship together. They went to college. They finished college. They worked. The relationship lasted for 7 years.

One day the boy decided to further his education abroad. They had long distance relationship. After less than a year they decided to break up.

The girl went to China to study language. She went to heal her broken heart. One year past. The boy finished her education and come back home. The girl finished her education and come back home. The girl contacted the boy to arrange a meeting. "An old friend catch-up", as they described. The girl gave the boy an invitation. The girl found someone else when she was in China. The girl is getting married.

What I see from this story is.. apparently, finding a soulmate is not a matter of love. It is a matter of timing.

You could be head over heels in love with a person for years when you are 20, but with no satisfactory job, no money, or if you haven't finish college (master degree, MBA, blah blah), marriage is not an option.

On the other hand, when you reach 30 and you've got everything, a very young relationship with a partner (say one year) could end up in marriage.

Is that mean that we just have to wait for the right moment;
not the right person?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Decision in question

How do you know whether you've made a right decision?

Life is all about making choices. Sometimes people complain about the choices they made.

Not often we heard people saying "why didn't I made the other decision instead of this, then I wouldn't have to bla bla bla...". But do people really know what will happen if they choose to do the other?

Like me. I got so confused when choosing where to live. Choices are whether to go back to Australia with no job or stay in Jakarta with a job at hand. I finally choose to stay in Jakarta.

Do I made the right choice? I don't know.

I oftenly complain and say "If only I'm in Melbourne right now..." But what if I really in Melbourne right now? what would I do? would I got a job yet? would I be happy? I don't know. I will never know.

So really, how to tell whether the decision we made is correct?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dime A Dozen

I wonder why Indonesian people (Mostly who live in a big city like Jakarta) are so 'latah'.

I really can't find the right words in english. When I checked on the dictionary it says "a nervouse condition characterized by erratic involuntary imitative behavior, often pornographic or socially disapproved".

What I mean by 'latah' is that they are trying so hard to become trendy and up-to-date by following the new trend (which mostly from the US). Example:

1. Used to be Nokia now turn to Blackberry.
I was surprised when I went to java jazz festival a month ago. When people were trying to record videos of the performer, I think almost 65% of them are using BB! FYI, these mobiles are not cheap. They around USD500-600/item.

What made me surprised even more is the fact that the user are youngster (start from 15 y.o). What would they need a BB for? To chat on MSN? To check on Facebook? Such a waste of technology indeed.

2. Bread Top
This one comes originally from Singapore. A bread store which famous with 'roti abon' or meat-floss bread. I remember the first time it open in Kelapa Gading Mall, the lines are almost 5 meter in U shape! One aunty even brought her maid to help her carry the tray which I'm guessing are full with over 10 meat floss bread per tray in it. C'mon people.. it only a bread store...
PS. it still in demand till now but people are not in lines anymore to buy it. Mercy God for that.

3. J.Co
The idea of is come from the famous doughnuts store from the US - Krispy Kreme. The different is that it less sweeter than KK, suit the taste of Asians. As they say, the line of queue reaches miles away (I was in Australia when the store first open, so I didn't witness it myself).

4. Sour Sally
Another one from US. A frozen yoghurt store firstly open in Jakarta in 2009. The crowd are willing to queue for at least half an hour to get a taste of it. The yogurt claim to be 100% fat free but if you see the toppings you will change your mind. It taste much sweeter than an original natural yoghurt. The topping range from fresh fruit, dried fruit, candies, and breakfast cereal. Still claiming it fat free?

5. Facebook / Twitter
I think this one is not only for Indonesian but all over the world. They all got a facebook-fever (even me). If you don't have one people will think of you as "gak gaul" or not trendy. Nowadays starting from junior high student to 40 y.o. mom/grandma have a fb account. Geez...

Melissa says:

The only thing I agree on is Facebook. Other than that are just stupid. Why would you queue for at least 30 minutes to get a snack? Why would supposedly is a PDA phone to help businessman become such a cheap-stuff-looking-because-everybody-have-it-mobiles?

Totally absurd!!!

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